[ndnSIM] nack duplicate problem

Carlos Borrego cborrego at deic.uab.es
Sun Mar 24 03:59:43 PDT 2019


I am trying to simulate a scenario using ndn. I have just one consumer
(node 0) and one producer (node 2). The consumer sends an interest message
to the network and apparently the interest message arrives at the producer
(node(2) responding with Data...). My question is why whenever this Data
message is received by the consumer I get the log:

*+0.000729504s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnNack(): [INFO ] NACK received for:
/prefix/%FE%00, reason: Duplicate*

Here is the complete log, as you can see, there is no other activity before
in the network:

+0.000000000s 0 ndn.Consumer:Consumer()
+0.000000000s 2 ndn.Producer:Producer()
+0.000000000s 0 ndn.Consumer:StartApplication()
+0.000000000s 0 ndn.Consumer:SendPacket()
+0.000000000s 0 ndn.Consumer:SendPacket(): [INFO ] > Interest for 0
+0.000000000s 0 ndn.Consumer:WillSendOutInterest(): [DEBUG] Trying to add 0
with +0.0ns. already 0 items
+0.000000000s 2 ndn.Producer:StartApplication()
+0.000342929s 2 ndn.Producer:OnInterest(0x2556620, 0x255f3a0)
+0.000342929s 2 ndn.Producer:OnInterest(): [INFO ] node(2) responding with
Data: /prefix/%FE%00
+0.000729504s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnNack(): [INFO ] NACK received for:
/prefix/%FE%00, reason: Duplicate

Shouldn't it be something like:

+0.000729504s 0 ndn.Consumer:OnData(): [INFO ] < DATA for 0

Thanks so much for helping me with this issue.

*Carlos Borrego Iglesias *
dEIC - Departament d'Enginyeria de la Informació i de les Comunicacions
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
mailto:cborrego at deic.uab.es
tel: +34 93 5814835
Avís - Aviso - Legal Notice - (LOPD) - http://legal.ifae.es

Avís -
Aviso - Legal Notice - (LOPD) - http://legal.ifae.es 
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