[ndnSIM] Costum EntryItComparator Map for Content Store

mdparamartha95 at students.itb.ac.id mdparamartha95 at students.itb.ac.id
Fri Mar 1 00:18:31 PST 2019


Currently, I facing a problem with comparing the value of auxiliary information stored in a map Container. 

The default comparator i had seen compare the iterator value and set the lower in the begining, 

struct EntryItComparator 
operator()(const iterator& a, const iterator& b) const 
return *a < *b; 


with map declaration : 

"typedef std::map<iterator, EntryInfo*, EntryItComparator> EntryInfoMapFifo;" 

I want to sort the value based on auxiliary information inside the map, 

For example, compare the last time referenced of each data (entryInfo->getLastReferencedTime). 

How can I compare the data based on that entry Info? 

Thank You 

Best Regards, 

Adi Paramartha 

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