[ndnSIM] Shortest paths

Klaus Schneider klaus at cs.arizona.edu
Fri Sep 7 13:46:42 PDT 2018

Just replying to the part below:

On 07/09/18 11:30, Chavoosh Ghasemi wrote:
> P.S.
>  > If you use the AnnotatedTopologyReader, you can just set the metric 
> to the same value as the delay.
> I am not sure you are right on this, cause as I remember the last time I 
> gave it try, it did not work.

I think you need to use the ApplyOspfMetric() *after* installing the NDN 
stack on the nodes (not before).

>   AnnotatedTopologyReader topologyReader("");
>   topologyReader.SetFileName("/tmp/topo1.txt");
>   topologyReader.Read();
>   // Install NDN stack on all nodes
>   ndn::StackHelper ndnHelper;
>   ndnHelper.InstallAll();
>   topologyReader.ApplyOspfMetric();

I do agree that this is not the most intuitive way.

@Alex: Is it possible to have the link metrics automatically applied 
either in topologyReader.Read() or ndnHelper.Install() ?

Best regards,

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