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Alex Afanasyev aa at cs.fiu.edu
Wed Sep 5 14:00:48 PDT 2018

It calculates based on the Face "metric", which by default set to 1 for each Face (= incidentally, resulting in hop count).  If you update Face metric with latency related metric represented as an integert (unfortunately, we don't have anything that is already available; patches welcome), you will get latency-based calculation of routes.


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> Hi,
> Apparently, ndnGlobalRoutingHelper::CalculateRoutes() uses hop count as a metric to compute the shortest paths (correct me if I am wrong).
> If that's the case, do we have any module (e.g. a helper) in ndnSIM that calculates shortest paths based on link latency?
> Thanks,
> - Chavoosh
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