[ndnSIM] MANET using NDNSim : Adding extra fields and implementing a Routing protocol

NISHA MERIN JACOB h20180129 at pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Thu Nov 1 06:29:24 PDT 2018


As part of our Advanced Computer Networks Project, we are trying to
implement NDN manet. We were facing many issues including intermediate
nodes not forwarding interest and data packets. We created a new app, "NDN
relay" which can forward interest and modified forwarder.cpp to send
interest and data to the same face.

Now there is a flooding of interest and data packets and we are trying to
control it by adding a new routing protocol which unicasts data packet
based on an added hop-count field and mac-field.

Is there any alternative approach for this, other than creating an new
Routing table incorporating mac address and hop-count?

Nisha Merin Jacob
BITS Pilani
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