[ndnSIM] [Wireless Ad-hoc] Collecting metrics for multiple consumers

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Hi Ashiq,

which is the codebase you are working on?

In general, for an Interest to reach an application, the application has to add a FIB entry for the Interest prefix to its local NFD. If the Interest has to be forwarded without reaching the application, then this can be done purely by NFD without forwarding the Interest to the application.


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> On Mar 24, 2018, at 9:22 PM, Md Ashiqur Rahman <marahman at email.arizona.edu> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have a scenario where there is one producer and multiple consumers in a wireless ad-hoc environment. The scenario allows Interest broadcast and forwarding interest through same interface that received that interest from other consumer. In the logs for each consumer node, the SatisfiedInterests field provides the number of interests being satisfied. However, I can't differentiate which interests are a consumer's own interest and which are of another consumer. Example:
> C1 ..))    ((.. C2 ..))    ((.. P
> C1, C2 are two consumers and P is producer. Here {C1, C2} and {C2, P} are in each others range respectively and {C1, P} are not in each others range. Thus interest from C1 gets forwarded by C2 towards P and data comes in same mechanism. 
> My question is- how does C2 differentiate which Interests/Data are for his own application and which are for C1?
> Regards-
> Asihq

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