[ndnSIM] [Wireless Ad-hoc] Collecting metrics for multiple consumers

Md Ashiqur Rahman marahman at email.arizona.edu
Sat Mar 24 21:22:03 PDT 2018

Hello All,

I have a scenario where there is one producer and multiple consumers in a
wireless ad-hoc environment. The scenario allows Interest broadcast and
forwarding interest through same interface that received that interest from
other consumer. In the logs for each consumer node, the *SatisfiedInterests
*field provides the number of interests being satisfied. However, I can't
differentiate which interests are a consumer's own interest and which are
of another consumer. Example:

C1 ..))    ((.. C2 ..))    ((.. P

C1, C2 are two consumers and P is producer. Here {C1, C2} and {C2, P} are
in each others range respectively and {C1, P} are not in each others range.
Thus interest from C1 gets forwarded by C2 towards P and data comes in same

My question is- how does C2 differentiate which Interests/Data are for his
own application and which are for C1?

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