[ndnSIM] Unable to run brite-top as mentioned in the link https://github.com/phylib/brite-scenario

madhurima.2015 at iitg.ernet.in madhurima.2015 at iitg.ernet.in
Fri Mar 23 04:36:38 PDT 2018

Hi Philipp,

Thank you for reply.

I have tried to install following the instructions of the link

BRITE is installed properly.

But when i proceeded the section:
Running the demo scenario with generated topology of the page

I have downloaded the brite scenario:
git clone https://github.com/phylib/brite-scenario.git

After that when i run the following command it shows the following errors.

Note: I am using NDNSIM 2.34

madhurima at madhurima-VirtualBox:~/MANA/brite-scenario$ ./waf configure
--logging --debug
Setting top to                           :
Setting out to                           :
Checking for 'gcc' (C compiler)          : /usr/bin/gcc
Checking for 'g++' (C++ compiler)        : /usr/bin/g++
Checking supported CXXFLAGS              : -std=c++11
Checking supported CXXFLAGS              : -Wall -O0 -g3
-Wno-error=maybe-uninitialized -Og -fdiagnostics-color
Checking for program 'pkg-config'        : /usr/bin/pkg-config
Checking for pkg-config version >= '0.0.0' : yes
Checking for ns3-core                      : not found
NS-3 or one of the required NS-3 modules not found
NS-3 needs to be compiled and installed somewhere.  You may need also to
set PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable in order for configure find installed NS-3.
For example:
    PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH ./waf configure

(complete log in /home/madhurima/MANA/brite-scenario/build/config.log)

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