[ndnSIM] Broadcast storm problem and SDN in NDN

ahmad arslan ahmadarslan33 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 14:42:18 PDT 2018

Hi everyone, i am new to NDNSim and facing some issues regarding broadcast
storm problem and merger of SDN with NDN. First of all, let me describe my
scenario. Suppose i have a Node 0 which has two neighbor nodes (Node 1 and
Node 2). When a interest packet is forwarded by Node 0, it received by both
nodes. Now according to my understanding and logging  Node 1 processing
starts first. After that in forwarder class it sends packet through
function*. Then, Node 2 starts its processing by running forwarder class
and when this process finish a new interest is received from Node 1 to Node
2 which was previously forwarder by Node 1 to its neighbors. Now my first
question is, how can i stop processing of each node till a fixed time and
this process should be done on both sides (Node 1 and Node
2)simultaneously? And my second question is related to SDN which is how can
we implement SDN controller in NDNSim?

Thanks and Regards,
Ahmad Arsalan
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