[ndnSIM] My simulation stops after 10 seconds

Mudasir Qazi mudasirqazi00 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 00:29:04 PDT 2018


My simulations automatically stops after 10 seconds no matter which
scenario example I run. I have also tried setting time in scenario example
using following line but it does not affect. What is solution to it?


I get following is message on my terminal

Could not load icon applets-screenshooter due to missing gnomedesktop
Python module
Could not load icon gnome-terminal due to missing gnomedesktop Python module
scanning topology: [0, 3) nodes...
terminate called after throwing an instance of
  what():  Error in setting interest filter (/localhost/nfd): request timed
'--SimulatorImplementationType=ns3::VisualSimulatorImpl'] terminated with
signal SIGIOT. Run it under a debugger to get more information (./waf --run
<program> --command-template="gdb --args %s <args>").

Mudasir Qazi
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