[ndnSIM] Unable to flood interest to neighbours

Mudasir Qazi mudasirqazi00 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 06:34:08 PDT 2018


I'm unable to flood my interest from one node to another, let me explain it

Following line in onContentStoreMiss method in Forwarder.cpp always returns
*nullptr* making if (nextHopTag != nullptr) returns false at very next
line. So the execution does not goes inside this if-block.

shared_ptr<lp::NextHopFaceIdTag> nextHopTag = interest.getTag<lp::

This way, following statement inside the if-block

this->onOutgoingInterest(pitEntry, *nextHopFace, interest);

never executed and hence the Interest is not flooded to neighboring nodes.
Why the nextHopTag is null in Interest? What is the solution of it? Am I
missing something? Please help.

P.S. I'm creating interest from other interest using following statement:
auto myInterest = std::make_shared<Interest>(interest.wireEncode());

Please help me solving this issue.

Mudasir Qazi
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