[ndnSIM] Resending Interest from forwarding strategy using a PIT entry

Susmit susmit at cs.colostate.edu
Wed Oct 4 20:18:22 PDT 2017

Hi All,

I am trying to resend an Interest from a strategy. I am having trouble
using the pit entry, not sure if I am missing something trivial.

Below is the code snippets I tried:

nfd::Pit& pit = node0->getForwarder()->getPit();
std::cout << pit.size() << std::endl; //works

for (auto pitEntry = pit.begin(); pitEntry != pit.end(); pitEntry++ ){
      if (boost::algorithm::contains(pitEntry->getName().toUri(),
"/ndnSIM")) {
          this->sendInterest(*pitEntry, *addFace,
This returns "no known conversion for argument 1 from ‘const
nfd::pit::Entry’ to ‘const std::shared_ptr<nfd::pit::Entry>&".

If I change the last line to :
*addFace, pitEntry->getInterest());
I get an error: : "nfd::pit::Entry::Entry(const nfd::pit::Entry&)’ is
implicitly deleted because the default definition would be ill-formed".

I did not find a method in the pit.hpp or pit-entry.hpp that returns a
shared_ptr for a pit entry.
So, how do I send out an Interest from the strategy? Any help is



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