[ndnSIM] Trying to re-compile ndnSIM class Forwarder

Ashlesh Gawande (agawande) agawande at memphis.edu
Fri May 19 08:07:11 PDT 2017

I think build/ is the build folder where files get copied from src/ for compilation purposes.

After you compile, maybe you need to install it to the system:

sudo ./waf install.

Then your scenario should be able to detect (run ./waf distclean first).


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Greetings again friends,

I'm up working on this trying to get my scenario to work with a custom forwarder again at nearly 3 a.m. on my birthday.  I'm not sure if that's dedication or insanity.  ;)

I spent another 4-5 hours trying to figure out this specific problem tonight, but with no luck.  I have found the following:

1.  forwarder.hpp lives in both ns-3/build/ns3/ndnSIM/NFD/daemon/fw as well as ns-3/src/ndnSIM/NFD/daemon/fw
     The later also has a forwarder.cpp in it.

2.  Which one of the copies (?) of forwarder.hpp mentioned above am I supposed to change / modify for my scenarios to use it instead of the default one?  Where is the corresponding forwarder.cpp file for the one in ns-3/build path (there is one in the ns-3/src path, but none to be found in ns-3/build path mentioned above)

3.  Why is there a waf in so many different directories?  They seem to be specialized to the different components of ndnSIM, such as NFD, ndn-cxx, and specific scenarios -  Perhaps I'm using the wrong one(s)?

4.  My scenarios are still saying that the Forwarder class doesn't have a printMessageForTest method, even though I have it declared in both the copies of forwarder.hpp, and have it defined in forwarder.cpp.  I tried recompiling using ./waf in various directories, and I cannot find a solution to this problem.

I appreciate your patience again.  This is a really irritating situation, and I'm fairly certain there's something simple I'm missing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 2:47 AM, John Baugh <jpbaugh at umich.edu<mailto:jpbaugh at umich.edu>> wrote:
Greetings ndnSIM friends,

I've spent the last few days working on trying to modify the Forwarder class (which I did - I modified ns-3/src/ndnSIM/NFD/daemon/fw/forwarder.[hpp, cpp])

However, ./waf doesn't seem to work properly.  I even did a ./waf clean and ./waf build.  On one of the runs of ./waf I did notice it (apparently?) successfully re-build the forwarder.cpp file.

What I did was add a method (the prototype to .hpp and definition to .cpp) called printMessageForTest())

I would assume that after ndnSIM was rebuilt with ./waf that my scenario, which calls printMessageForTest on the forwarder would actually work, but it doesn't recognize it.

Any clue what's going on?

Alternatively, if anyone could give an appropriate procedure for ensuring all changes make it into the system when modifications of actual ndnSIM files are made, it would be appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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