[ndnSIM] How to count the forwarding hops of an Interest

Michał Król mharnen at gmail.com
Thu May 18 09:57:39 PDT 2017

As mentioned before, the hopcount is already there. Here's how to get it:

shared_ptr<ndn::lp::HopCountTag> hopCountTag = 
int hopCount = 0;
if(hopCountTag != NULL){
         hopCount = *hopCountTag;


On 16/05/17 03:24, Z.Liao at memphis.edu (Zhuhua Liao (zliao)) wrote:
> Greetings All,
>      Now I have a question regarding how to count the forwarding hops of an Interest in ndnSIM.  I simply added the below codes, but it seems like I got the wrong forwarding hops:
>    1. added "interest->setTag(make_shared<lp::HopCountTag>(0));" for hopcount initialization at the function "SendPacket" in consumer.cpp;
>   2. added "interest.setTag(make_shared<lp::HopCountTag>(hopCount + 1))" for one hop increment when forwarding a time at the function "onIncomingInterest" in Forwarder.cpp.
> I do not know if you have a right solution to count the forwarding hops for an interest?
> Thanks!
> Zhuhua
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