[ndnSIM] "Re-definition" / "name already exists" issues when using ./waf + weird behavior

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Sun May 7 00:44:32 PDT 2017

Greetings all,

So, I wanted to create a scenario very similar to a previous scenario, so I
thought it would just be a matter of copying all the extension files that I
was using in one subdirectory (which I called pop_man) to another
(pop_man2) and then referencing them from the files appropriately (i.e.,
changing the file references to pop_man2 instead of pop_man where
necessary, etc.)

Also, I basically copied one of my scenarios, jpb-pop1.cpp to
jpb-pop2.cpp.  I changed the strategy name in the file I was using so it
has a different strategy name (STRATEGY_NAME.)  I still get name conflicts
for the class names that they're already defined even though I'm trying to
just build the one scenario (jpb-pop2) - but it seems it is conflicting
with the class names in jpb-pop.  I have had to rename everything in the
new set of classes for my new scenario so that they have a "2" at the end.
E.g., instead of PStrat I have PStrat2, etc.

Is there any way to resolve this without having to rename everything?  It's
quite a pain.

However, something else VERY peculiar is happening.  I have created a
custom strategy class called PStrat2, based on (is basically a copy of)
PStrat as described before.  Anyway, this class has a constructor and a
destructor that I've defined.

My jpb-pop2 ONLY USES PStrat2 class.  There are no PStrat class references
anywhere.  BUT when I run this scenario, I'm getting output indicating that
BOTH my PStrat and PStrat2 constructors are being called, as well as

Any ideas?  This is extremely bizarre.


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