[ndnSIM] The prefix in the CS

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Mon Jun 5 23:21:06 PDT 2017

Greetings ndnSIM friends,

When the requested "/prefix" is set for particular consumers, for example,
there appear to be many requests made (e.g., ConsumerCbr):


1.  I printed out the contents of cached items in the Content Store (using
getFullName().toUri() on the iterator in my loop, starting at begin(),
ending at end(), of course.), and noticed that each of these is treated as
separate content objects?

2.  I was previously under the impression that /prefix/*whatever* was a
single content object, and that the Content Store wouldn't cache more than
one of them.  Is the /%FE%C3/... part of the content object's true name?

3.  If this is the case, it seems like the Consumers never request the same
item more than once... is there any way to control this?  I want to
ultimately simulate multiple requests of the same contents from various
consumers to see how it affects the Cs


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