[ndnSIM] A question about the expiry of PIT entry

xinyonghui at iie.ac.cn xinyonghui at iie.ac.cn
Fri Feb 24 00:00:01 PST 2017

Dear all:
     Recently, I wonder about the expiry of PIT entry recorded in the PIT module, and I print the expiry in the Inrecord of each entry by adding print information  in the  "Forwarder::onIncomingInterset()" and move function "compare_InRecord_expiry" ahead to avoid error. I run the "./waf --run ndn-simple" successfully and redirect the output into a text file.
double tt = ns3::Simulator::Now().ToDouble(ns3::Time::S);
std::cout <<"==========Forwarder::onIncomingInterest==================" << interest.getName().toUri()  << "\t"  << m_pit.size() << std::endl;
auto it = m_pit.begin();
for(it = m_pit.begin(); it != m_pit.end(); it++)
        pit::InRecordCollection::iterator lastExpiring = std::max_element(it->in_begin(), it->in_end(), &compare_InRecord_expiry);
        time::nanoseconds time_s = lastExpiring->getExpiry()- time::steady_clock::now();
        std::cout << tt << "\t" << it->getName().toUri() << "\t" <<  time_s << std::endl;
     In general, the expiry should be a non-negetive value since it means the time interval to be expired. However, I find there are negetive values and huge positive values in the result file. As shown below fig. and I doubt the entry satisfied by Data is not clear timely, but I still cannot convince myself. 
    I need your help and looking forward to your reply. Thanks very much.

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