[ndnSIM] Obtaining Metrics in ndnSIM

Christos Romanas xristos.romanas at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 11:07:45 PST 2017

Hello guys!

I am a new user of ns-3 and ndnSIM and I'm facing some problems while
obtaining measurements for my experiments.My main goal is to compare the
network throughput and the app-delays in a dumbbell topology while using
ndn stack on the one hand and the classic TCP/IP architecture on the other.

My main concern is the network throughput measurement. I added the l3
tracer on the ndn-simple scenario and my thoughts are that I should isolate
the InData measurements of all nodes,add them up, and maybe that would
generate the throughput of the network as long as I use the seventh
column(Kilobytes) of the rate-trace.txt file.

Another concern of mine is,how would i get the same network approach in
TCP/IP scenarios. I guess that i should use a TCP Bulk Sender
Application(or an OnOff application since I'm using consumer cbr in ndnSIM)
with the exact same Data rate, with which interests are generated in
ndnSIM. (100 interests/sec --> 100 packets/sec data rate in TCP/IP).

Any advice/comment/correction of the above logic would be extremely helpful!

Thanks in advance for your time!
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