[ndnSIM] How to get an application installed on a node?

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Wed Aug 2 14:24:56 PDT 2017

Hi Xiaoyan

I don't know specific ndnSIM interfaces, but I'll answer from general ns-3
point of view.

I found "Ptr<ContentStore> cs = m_nodePtr->GetObject<ContentStore> ();" as
> an example
This works because a node can have only one ContentStore.

> and tried "Ptr<Producer> producer = m_nodePtr->GetObject<Producer> ();".
> But producer turned out to be null.
> This will not work because a node can potentially have multiple Producer
instances, so that Producer should not be aggregated into the Node, but is
added to some list.
Likewise, you can't use GetObject to obtain a network interface or an
IP-based application. They are available through ns-3 attribute system and
through object names.

Related reading: ns-3 Manual
<https://www.nsnam.org/docs/release/3.26/manual/html/index.html>, "object
model", "configuration and attributes", and "object names" sections.

Yours, Junxiao
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