[ndnSIM] a Problem of Interests Delay by Using NdnSIM

Spyridon (Spyros) Mastorakis mastorakis at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Apr 24 17:28:49 PDT 2017


I am sorry, but your question has to do with understanding the simulation outcome and interpreting the behavior. I am not able to know in advance why this is happening. This behavior can be the outcome of a number of different reasons.

It might have to do with the fact that the size of your cache is not big enough to store all the data packets or with the fact that you are setting the MustBeFresh selector or your consumers do not request the same data.

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> On Apr 24, 2017, at 1:58 AM, Ru Jia <rujia721 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear professor,
> I am start learning ndnSIM recently and I have met some problem that I don't know how to make it correct. I am hoping if you can help me fix it.
> The purpose of the simulation is very simply. If two consumer shared a NDN router, and one consumer request the exact 1000 interests the other consumer have received from the provider, the delay of the later one should be shorter because of the cache at router.
> I am hoping to get a result like this figure (a paper do the exact thing on real computers).
> <屏幕快照 2017-04-24 下午4.42.14.png>
> However, the result of mine is like this(the coordinate has not been normalized, only the shape of the histogram that matters)
> <allCached.jpg>
> ​I have changed the parameters like link capacity, but the result is nothing like what i have expected. 
> The code is as attached.
>  I am really appreciate your help.
>> Kind regards, 
> Ru Jia
> <topo-edit2.txt><ndn-app-delay-tracer-edit2.cpp>_______________________________________________

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