[ndnSIM] question about ndnSIM source code

任沛 renpei.bupt at qq.com
Sun Nov 20 18:12:42 PST 2016

hello all:
    There are some question about ndnSIM source code recently i met, thank you very much if you have the answer of my confusedness!

on the site "http://ndnsim.net/1.0/fw.html", i can see many fw strategy here, while on my own source code folder, i even can not find "ndnSIM/model/fw/flooding.h" as show in site, there is only a folder named "cs" and other ".cpp" files. Even in /NFD/fw, i also can not file names "flooding.h", than i use "ctrl+f", i got nothing, system told me there is no file names "flooding.h",what should i do? how can i get access of these forwarding strategy?

when i try to modify source code of fw, what .cpp or .h files do i need to modify? any one who can tell me which related files i have to modify if i try to modify on of fw.

on the web site, i got that there is three color which is green & red & yellow, to indicate the status of the face, and these faces which carry the color status will be rank, where can i get the file?
if any one can help me, thank you very much!

best wishes.
ren pei
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