[ndnSIM] Question on Visualizer

Alex Afanasyev aa at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Nov 17 00:52:51 PST 2016

Hi Hwang,

To get access to information from within the visualizer module, you need to implement the corresponding python bindings for your getter. If you have a simple data type, it should be straightforward.  Take a look into bindings/modulegen__gcc_ILP32.py and modulegen__gcc_LP64.py  (both files should have the same content)


> On Nov 17, 2016, at 2:37 PM, Hwang In Chan <neogeoss1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear NDN researcher,
> I am trying to show an attribute in the python visualizer that I have added on my own.
> in ndnsim_pit.py
>  for item in ndnPit:
>             tree_iter = self.table_model.append()
>             self.table_model.set(tree_iter,
>                                  self.COLUMN_PREFIX, str(item.getName()),
>                                  self.COLUMN_FACE, str(item.getInterest()))
> item.getName() works but my own attribute item.getProducerUid does not work.
> Is there any file or setting I have to change to access to it?
> Best wishes,
> inchan hwang
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