[ndnSIM] Having problems in ndnsim1.0

吴丹烨 401809286 at qq.com
Mon Nov 7 19:21:15 PST 2016

Dear ndnSIM team members:

         I have stuck on a puzzle on the ndnSIM 1.0 of version when complementing my experiment.
         The experiment is about to verify the security of ndn network by flooding the interest to the network. 
         But when we use the flooding forward strategy and Nocache in Content Store in the ndn-tree-cs-tracers.cc with our topology, the interest didn't forward to all faces of the node, it forwarded to only one face.
         First, we modify the flooding.cc to let the interests sent to all faces, but the interest kept sending to each face repeatedly without a stop. 
         Second, we add a default routes in ndn-stack-helper.cc with our prefixes, but the interest is only sent out by one face.

         Could you help us to complement this flooding method without repeatedly sending same interests?
         Thank all of you very much! 

Wu Danye 
Network Technology Research Center
Institute of Computing Technology,C.A.S.
Address :No.6 Kexueyuan South Road Zhongguancun,Haidian District Beijing,China
Postcode :100190
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