[ndnSIM] Question on accessing each node at a script file.

황인찬 neogeoss at ajou.ac.kr
Mon Nov 7 19:07:16 PST 2016

Dear NDN researchers,

I have been trying to access a node and get its information in a script
In my script,
Ptr<Node> node0 = nodes.Get(0); .// to access node,

std::cout << "Missed Int for node 0  : " <<
<< std::endl;
// To get information.

Strangely, it only works until
 "node0->GetObject<ns3::ndn::L3Protocol>()->getForwarder()" but not further
than it.
I cannot access getPit or whatsoever.

I was using this approach because of the code in the visualizer.


Can anyone of you tell me how to assess the information? such as getPit(),
getNameTree() and so on?

Best wishes,

inchan hwang
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