[ndnSIM] The continuing Content Store saga (and question about NFD version being used)

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Sat Nov 5 20:02:25 PDT 2016

Greetings again all,

   - Okay, so here is what I understand:  The Cs class is the *new *NFD
   content store class, correct?

   - In one of the e-mail exchanges, I was told that I could implement
   doAfterInsert( ) to control what was added into the content store (by
   allowing it in, then evicting it immediately if it didn't adhere to a
   custom set of requirements I could put in place.
   - There is no documentation in the NFD revision 3 for doAfterInsert, but
      I thought that the current version of ndnSIM uses this version of NFD?

      - Do I obtain an instance of the Cs, or is all the work done with
   static methods?  (e.g., ::find, ::insert, etc.)

   - In the ns3::ndn::cs namespace, there is a ContentStoreImpl - is THIS
   the actual implementation of the old content store?  Or the new?  Do we
   ever use this one directly?

Thanks again, everyone.  Still trying to make sense of the some of the
various classes and their relationships.


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