[ndnSIM] How can I get ino "nfd::pit::Entry"

RuntongChen runtongchen at csu.edu.cn
Sat Nov 5 04:47:53 PDT 2016


Thanks very much for your quick and patient answer both of Spyridon and Junxiao.Based on your guidances,I can get the size of PIT already.But,What I really want is the Name,InRecords and OutRecords.And I find that they are in "nfd::pit::Entry" but not in "nfd::Pit".So,if I follow your advices and call the code of "pit.getName()".Then,The computer will give me the error :"const class nfd::Pit has no number named 'getName'".So,I'd like to know how can I get into "nfd::pit::Entry"and print the "Name" out? 

Looking forward to your response.



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