[ndnSIM] NFD CS Policy Implementation

Fabio Campioni fcampioni at algomau.ca
Mon May 23 18:38:49 PDT 2016

Hello all,

Recently I have come across the following repository on GitHub:


It appears that these new cache replacement policies have been implemented within NFD, rather than the existing depreciated content store in ndnSIM. However, I am unable to do the same with my local installation of ndnSIM as there are missing header files and such.

I am then led to believe that these new caching policies were written with a modified version of ndnSIM, but I am unable to find this modified version. I stumbled across this repository, https://github.com/ndncomm/nfd-caching-ndnsim, but it appears incomplete. When I tried copying these files to my ndnSIM directory, it then failed to launch most likely due to incompatibilities.

I would appreciate if anyone familiar with the above repositories could point me in the right direction.

Thank you,

Fabio Campioni

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