[ndnSIM] Wifi and p2p links on a single node.

Hassan Sinky sinkyh at oregonstate.edu
Fri Mar 25 18:15:42 PDT 2016

Hello everyone,

I have the following topology:[image: Inline image 2]
"Node51" and "Node52" are connected via WiFi. Whereas "Node51" and "Node50"
are connected via a p2p link. "Node50" is the producer. For some reason
when node "Node52" requests data from the producer "Node50" does not
respond. However, if I make "Node51" the producer the content is delivered
without issue. Does ndnsim not support this particular multihop scenario?
If so, is there a workaround to this as it seems like a very basic and
practical scenario for NDN. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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