[ndnSIM] Graph "Car2car"

Mohamed Benahmed art_med_ahmed at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 25 04:41:36 PDT 2016


I have to show the graph of simulation "car2car"(link of code source https://github.com/cawka/ndnSIM-nom-rapid-car2car) but when I run the cmd ./run.py -s figure-4-data-propagation-vs-distance I have this error 
./build/car-relay --run=5 --distance=155
./build/car-relay --run=6 --distance=155
./build/car-relay --run=7 --distance=155
./build/car-relay --run=8 --distance=155
./build/car-relay --run=9 --distance=155
./build/car-relay --run=10 --distance=155
Warning message:
closing unused connection 3 (results/figure-4-data-propagation-vs-distance/car-relay-in-cache.txt.bz2) 
Warning message:
`axis.ticks.margin` is deprecated. Please set `margin` property  of `axis.text` instead 
Error in FUN(X[[i]], ...) : 
  Theme element 'text' has NULL property: margin, debug
Calls: <Anonymous> ... element_render -> calc_element -> lapply -> FUN -> lapply -> FUN
Execution halted
so, i don't know how to solve it! Please help me!
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