[ndnSIM] Flow control and congestion control in ndnsim

Spyridon (Spyros) Mastorakis mastorakis at CS.UCLA.EDU
Wed Mar 23 11:25:24 PDT 2016

Hi Ahmed,

this is a quite open-ended question about the NDN architecture in general. Currently, there is no way to perform congestion control in NDN. To this end, there is no standardized mechanism for that supported in ndnSIM.

There is some ongoing work from Klaus Schneider from Arizona (cc’d). Hope we will have results soon.

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> On Mar 21, 2016, at 3:44 AM, Ahmed Sadek <don1559 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I was wondering if someone can point me to information on the Flow Control and Congestion Control mechanism used in ndnsim and is it the same as in NDN ?
> Also, if the client keep sending interests on different interfaces and not receive response then what is the expected behavior ?
> Thanks!
> Ahmed

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