[ndnSIM] Behaviour regarding two wifi nodes.

Lorenz haegemonia at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 07:16:26 PST 2016

Hello NS-3 Users,

I am studying wireless networks in ICN scenarios.
I made several simulations but as they didn't produced expected results i
restarted studying more in-depth the behaviour of my wifi nodes.

I run in particular 4 simulations in which there is 1 root, 2 AP and 2
wifinodes; basically the 2 wifinodes continue to request /prefix1 content
to the 2 AP that forward the requests to the root if they don't have the
SeqNo on their own. Each wifinode is connected to *only one AP* and the two
AP are connected to the root.

The range of the wifi-connections is X m. implemented with

In many of these simulations I changed the position of the 2 wifinodes ( in
a symmetric way ) in order to keep them at the same distance Y > X but each
one always connected *to one AP*. The simulations gave me the same result
(same content requested in the same moment during the 3 simulations for
both of the nodes).

In the last simulation I put the 2 wifinodes at a distance Z < X but
keeping them always connected *to one and only one AP*.
In this case the wifinodes didn't request the same content in the same
moment but changed the order of the SeqNo requested and as result this last
simulation gave me a completely different result.

Honestly speaking I don't know why these 2 wifnodes if are in range have to
change their behaviour in terms of SeqNo requested, I can accept that they
interfere with each other in terms of delay in forwarding their request but
not that they change their SeqNo order to be requested.
Maybe I am completely wrong or I just don't see a parameter to change in
order to have what I want, in this case just forgive me!

The seed of the simulations was the same for all the simulations.

I posted this question also in the ns3 mailing list, hopefully i will
receive an answer!

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