[ndnSIM] red line shown in visualization

Alex Afanasyev aa at CS.UCLA.EDU
Sat Jun 25 09:44:26 PDT 2016

Hi Zeinab,

The red line in the visualizer represents packet drops on the link layer.  Did you configure very small bandwidths for the links or too small buffer sizes in the topology?


>   Hello,
> I have implemented DFN topology in which each end node can be producer or consumer. I have ran topology with —vis . However , in the screenshot, when the simulation time is passed, i can see the red line which is going out from the node. (the snapshot is attachaed to this email)
> i am wondering what can be the reason for that.
> is there any one knows that what is happening that this red line is shown during simulation time.
> Thanks in advance
> best regards
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