[ndnSIM] Monitoring Node Buffer Filling

Yuhang Ye yye at research.ait.ie
Tue Jan 19 13:09:57 PST 2016

Hi Ahmed,

I think you are talking about 2 different things, the node's buffer is not
the media player's buffer, the PointToPoint device does not have input
queue, the output queue of the PointToPoint device can be accessed in the
you can add a new a method to get the PointToPoint devices' Queue size.
However, I think you may also need to create an virtual empty method with
same name in the Face.hpp and Face.cpp.

The multi-media buffer is created by you, you should know how to manage it,
this is related to the video streaming adaptation logic. Daniel Posch
kindly provides their source code to support the media streaming over NDN,
you will get something from it.
1. https://github.com/ChristianKreuzberger/amus-ndnSIM
2. https://github.com/danposch/itec-scenarios
3. https://github.com/danposch/itec-ndn

Best Regards
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