[ndnSIM] meaning of certain nfd.Forwarder logs ?

Carl Zu carlzu8 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 03:19:11 PST 2016

Hi folks,

I am running ndn-simple.cpp with prefix "nfd.Forwarder", certain logs
appear in the beginning of terminal that I cannot clearly understand. I
copy them below and ask my questions:

the first two logs:

0s -1 nfd.Forwarder:onIncomingData(): [DEBUG] onIncomingData face=1
0s -1 nfd.Forwarder:onDataUnsolicited(): [DEBUG] onDataUnsolicited face=1
data=/localhost/nfd/faces/events/%FE%00 cached

who is node -1 ?! (I suppose it should not be a node...). One of the first
and foremost claims in NDN is a "pull-based" data retrieval. Why then
terminal starts with incoming data pipeline before to sending any interests
? And why it is mentioned "cached" ?

Repeating the same pattern, it changes to:

0s -1 nfd.Forwarder:onIncomingData(): [DEBUG] onIncomingData face=1
(and a lot more :-)

0s -1 nfd.Forwarder:onDataUnsolicited(): [DEBUG] onDataUnsolicited face=1
a lot more :-)

*Is this for FIB population ? I would really like to understand this

Later it changes to:
0s -1 nfd.Forwarder:onIncomingData(): [DEBUG] onIncomingData face=1

And :
0s -1 ndn.Consumer:Consumer()
0s -1 ndn.Producer:Producer()

Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

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