[ndnSIM] Add a tag to packet

Fatemeh Goudarzi fatemeh.university at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 11:15:07 PST 2016


I want to access the packet in the cache policy (for example
random-policy.hpp ) for adding  a tag to it. I create a new tag to record
node-Id and If the node cache the content, it will add this tag to the
content packet. In the *insert()* method, I have the following code: "Ptr<const
Packet> pkt = item->payload()->GetPacket ();" to access packet and
then "pkt->AddPacketTag
(tag_id); " but I get this error:
*error: ‘class
>’ has no member named ‘GetPacket’*

I also try the following code:

auto data = item->payload()->GetData(); auto dataTag = data-> getTag
<ns3::ndn::Ns3PacketTag> (); bool hasTag =

and also get this error:

* error: expected primary-expression before ‘>’ token         auto dataTag
= data-> getTag <ns3::ndn::Ns3PacketTag> ();*

could you give me some hint?


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