[ndnSIM] Simulation of wired and wireless network.

황인찬 neogeoss at ajou.ac.kr
Fri Dec 23 01:07:04 PST 2016

Dear NDN researchers,

I have tried to simulate the hybrid network of wired and wireless ones.

But first of all, I have found a very strange bug with ndnSIM 2.1.

In the example, I uploaded.

Over there, WiFi scenario works only when I install 2 wifi net device
containers. If I install only one netdevice container.
Wireless communication never happen.

With the strange example code I have made, it works fine. However, it is a
very weird operation. If any of you know
why this happens, I am glad to hear some explanations.

In this manner, I was installing both p2p wire and wifi stacks on a single
node to mimic a gateway.
The code is

However, as soon as I put wifi stack after I add p2p. Simulation goes
silent, it does not give any error messages but never work.

My questions are below.
Is it appropriate to mimic a gateway like this?
Is it possible to put p2p and wifi stack over a single node over ndnSIM?

Best wishes,

inchan Hwang
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