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Sun Dec 18 09:04:43 PST 2016

Hi my dear researchers,

Now, I am in evaluation part of my model. I got many errors when analysis
the results which are:

1- I was just trying to calculate the PIT size for NDN router using Abiline
topology. However, I found the result is the same for each routers. It's
normal. Setting PIT size is 1000, and consumer frequency stringvalue is
6000 interests a second.

2- In the same scenario, the app-delay-tracer file not generated. While
when decrease the consumer frequency stringvalue less than 1000 is

3- In app-delay-tracer file, how to calculate the average delay for hole
scenario since we are seeing in this file there is value for each

4- How can get the average PIT entries Lifetime and the entry Maximum
Lifetime for each router. It is seen when I used GetMaxPitEntryLisetime(),
gave me the result like this " +0.0ns". I don't understand what is mean?

5- I read in some paper the metrics namely Time-to-Completion, which is
meant the time it takes for content items to completely arrive at the
subscriber. How to calculate this metrics.

*My Regards,*


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