[ndnSIM] Appropriate time to print CS contents?

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Fri Dec 9 19:51:23 PST 2016

ndnSIM friends,

At what point is it appropriate to print the contents of the CS?

I've tried putting some code to print its contents using iterators (e.g.,

for(auto it = theCS.begin(); it != theCS.end(); ++it)

But this doesn't appear to do anything.  I'm currently putting the code
after Simulation::Run() and before Simulation::Destroy();

Is there somewhere else I should be putting it?  I assumed it would print
out all the remaining entries by the time the simulation was done running.
I was apparently wrong.

Note:  I'm not doing anything special in my custom Policy (e.g., I'm not
tracking a secondary table of contents yet.)  - but does this even have
anything to do with it?  I assume that items are put in the content store



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