[ndnSIM] Question about LTE in ndnSIM

Caroline Goncalves caroline.goncalves at QueensU.CA
Thu Apr 21 16:38:13 PDT 2016


I want to work with LTE in ndnSIM but I seem to be missing some information. How does ndnSIM work with LTE? Do I need Internet to configure EPC? Are there any examples available? I could not find any helpful ones. 
I worked in the implementation, based on the examples provided by ns3. The problem is the consumer sends the interest, but nothing is received in the producer.
I have tried in some different ways: without EPC, using just ndnStack; with EPC. With EPC, I installed Internet in the UEs and I also installed ndnStack in all of my nodes. 
In all of these versions, the producer is not receiving the interest. I’ve looked at the previous questions related with LTE, but that couldn’t help me.

I’m attaching the code, with LTE and NDN, but without internet. 
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