[ndnSIM] How can an application installed on a mobile node make an fib entry in fib table?

Monika Dangi monikabaraut at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 22:15:14 PDT 2016

Hey all,
The scenario is, mobile node is a producer, i want it to be reached
globally, so whenever it connect to a new router after some threshold
amount of waiting it makes its entry into fib and fib takes care of
propagating this entry to further in routing plane so that mobile node can
be reached  globally. And also delete the previous entry in the fib of
previous router.

First of all i didn't install a GlobalRoutingHelper object on each node, i
made entry in fib manually(using addroutes).
do i have to install GlobalRoutingHelper object for this purpose??

Secondly how can an application installed on a mobile node access fib
entries of a particular node and enter a new entry into that fib? and also
will this change in the fib of a mobile node be propagated to all other
nodes in the routing plane??

Thirdly how do i delete the previous entry in fib of previous router??

IIT Roorkee
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