[ndnSIM] change consumer and producer randomly

Zeinab Rezaiefar z.rezaiefar at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 19:49:13 PDT 2016

 Hello every one,I would like to know how I can change consumer and producer randomly during simulation time. let consider we have 5 nodes and node 1 to node 4 all connect to the node 5  and then select two nodes among node 1 to node 4  as consumer and producer. I would like to know how I should schedule them that after every 1 second, the producer and consumer change while all of the users request the same content. moreover, for example user 1 sends request for the specific packet at second one and later at second 8 again this user may send request for this packet. any help will be appreciatethanks in advanceregardsZeinab  
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