[ndnSIM] Help ! Assert in TypeId::LookupByName: error. Could not find the class

vivek pandya vivekvpandya at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 02:36:51 PDT 2015

I am try to create a custom application for ndnSIM. I am following
I have put all my source .cpp and .hpp files in*
ndnSIM/ns-3/src/sndSIM/apps*  but when I try to run it I am getting
following error.

assert failed. cond="uid != 0", msg="Assert in TypeId::LookupByName:
CustomConsumer not found", file=../src/core/model/type-id.cc, line=755
terminate called without an active exception

This error is similar to
Please help !
*Vivek Pandya*
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