[ndnSIM] implementing new cache policy in ndnsim

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.EDU
Tue Nov 17 08:16:57 PST 2015

Hi Zeinab

NFD has a modular design.
The design intention for NFD ContentStore is: all admission policy and replacement policy can be implemented as a subclass of nfd::cs::Policy.

• First, create your own subclass of nfd::cs::Policy. You may copy from an existing policy if it’s similar, but don’t modify it.
• In cs.cpp, modify makeDefaultPolicy function to create your Policy subclass.
• All index used for admission policy and replacement policy should be kept within your Policy subclass. forwarder.cpp shouldn’t be modified.
• Typically, decision is in Policy::doAfterInsert function.
• Policy::doAfterInsert function may even evict the newly inserted entry immediately, if your admission policy decides that it shouldn’t be admitted.

Yours, Junxiao

From: Zeinab Rezaiefar
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 02:25
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Subject: [ndnSIM] implementing new cache policy in ndnsim

Hello everyone,
I would like to say that I want to implement my algorithm with modifying ndnsim. As I know three entities ( data packet, flag for showing unsolicited data and timestamp) are stored in cs . I want to save another entity for each content which identifies the probability that each content should be saved. Moreover, according to this index ( probability ) the content will be saved or dropped  and I would like that this probability will be updated after receiving any packet instead of using lru policy. is there any persons who can guide me about bellow questions :
1) for adding another index I should modify onIncomingData function in forward.cpp ? 
2) for decision according to the new index I just need to modify lru.policy.hpp ? ( how the packet can be ordered according this new index instead of using least recently used)
any help will be appreciated
thanks in advance
best regards 

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