[ndnSIM] questions about AppDelayTrace

石珊姗 shishanshan at cstnet.cn
Thu May 28 01:40:00 PDT 2015

hi,i have ran ndnsim 1.0 on TCP/UDP protocol using the Helpers of IpFacesHelper.
And i use the ndn::AppDelayTrace to get the trace file ,but when it runs, i can’t get the ndn::AppDelayTrace file ,namely the  ndn::AppDelayTrace file is empty.
the error code:
msg="Unknown NDN header. Should not happen", file=../src/ndnSIM/model/ndn.cc, line=196
> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ns3::ndn::UnknownHeaderException’

actually,i am not sure whether i use the IpFacesHelper correctly or not,and if need,i can send you the daemon ,can you help me?thank you.



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