[ndnSIM] Incompatibility between ndnSIM EventId and NLSR EventId.

Anil Jangam anilj.mailing at gmail.com
Sun May 24 23:05:34 PDT 2015


I am facing an incompatibility between the EventId used by scheduler in
ndnSIM and EventId used by scheduler in NLSR.

The background to this problem is as follows:

   - I am porting NLSR to the ndnSIM and trying to replace the NLSR
   specific event scheduler with that of ndnSIM event scheduler.
   - ndnSIM provides a single scheduler interface so that all the event
   generated by the ndn application can be put into the event queue for
   - Now, there is a difference between the EventId in simulator and the
   one used in NLSR

NLSR EventID implementation is:

namespace ndn {
namespace util {
namespace scheduler {

struct EventIdImpl;

typedef shared_ptr<EventIdImpl> EventId;
 } // scheduler
} // util
} // ndn

ndnSIM EventId implementation is:

namespace ns3 {

class EventImpl;

class EventId {
} // ns3

Using the scheduler in ndnSIM to replace the scheduler in NLSR, perhaps may
not be a correct approach. Or perhaps it is the right approach, and we
might have to change NLSR code. I am not able to decide.

Right now, I am getting the following compile error:

nlsr/lsdb.cpp:80:9: error: could not convert ‘event’ from ‘ns3::EventId’ to
‘ndn::util::scheduler::EventId {aka

Assuming the change is correct, and both the EventId implementations are
different from other, appears to be large impact on the NLSR code.

Can you provide your comments on this and what is the correct approach?

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