[ndnSIM] Incoming Interest

narjes aloulou aloulounarjes at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 12 12:26:32 PDT 2015


I want to send a control message from a node to its neighbor. So, I use an Interest with a new Nack value.
My question is how can I identify a message  sent by the node's application layer or a message received from its neighbor (in OnInterest  method in forwardingstarategy class).

I try to use the following code, but it doesn't work.
TypeId faceType = inFace->GetInstanceTypeId();
 std::string faceType_name = faceType.GetName();
if(faceType_name.compare("ns3::ndn::AppFace") == 0 )
	// from my application
    // from my neighbor

Can you give me a hint?

Best reqards.

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