[ndnSIM] Abruptal interrumption of simulation

Gustavo Gonzalez gonzalezcga at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 05:34:47 PDT 2015


I have been facing this problem. I have defined the wireless parameters to
define an access point. When I check the interest and data messages in the
wireless network everything is fine.

When I include and connect to the Access Point a wired device through point
to point link the data and interest messages keep going in the network but
if I want to check the traffic that is flowing in each one of the nodes
where the interest and data messages travel, then the simulation stops.

I have also done only telling to the simulator to save the trace of a
certain node in a file but then the simulation stops again.

I suspect that due to a redifinition of the network characteristics of the
node when I set the NetDeviceContainer in which I include the access point
and the wired node  is probably the cause of the problem but I am not sure.

Please could you provide some hints to solve the issue. I have also run the
debugger (gdb tool) and it exits normally without precising any error.

Thanks for your support.
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