[ndnSIM] Full name requested, but Data packet does not have wire format error

Elisa Mannes elisam at inf.ufpr.br
Tue Jun 23 08:18:29 PDT 2015

Hi Spyros,

Thank you for your hint. I've managed to isolate the problem, now I wonder
if you have some thoughts on how to fix it. Here is what is happening:

I am changing signature field in each Data packet to match nonce value of
its Interest (it is a workaround I need). I am placing this code on
forwarder.cc, Forwarder::onIncomingInterest(Face& inFace, const Interest&
interest) method, before the node send data to face in case of a cache hit:

ndn::Signature signature;
ndn::SignatureInfo signatureInfo(static_cast<


I am doing something wrong here, since I've commented these lines and the
error is gone. Do you spot anything unusual?


On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 10:38 AM, Spiros Mastorakis <
spiros.mastorakis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Elisa,
> as it is mentioned in the error message, the data packets may have not
> been signed properly or their wire format has not been created properly.
> Do you have any specific reasons that you would like to acquire the full
> name of a data packet? Have you modified any parts of the ndnSIM codebase?
> Thanks,
> Spyros
> On Tuesday, June 23, 2015, Elisa Mannes <elisam at inf.ufpr.br> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> ​I am simulating a simple producer/consumer scenario with
>> 2914.r0-conv-annotated topology and I am getting the following error:​
>> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ndn::Data::Error'
>>   what():  Full name requested, but Data packet does not have wire format
>> (e.g., not signed)
>> This error happens when the same consumer requests the same file in a
>> short period of time.
>> I found a related problem here
>> http://gerrit.named-data.net/#/c/1484/1/tests/other/cs-smoketest.cpp but
>> I am not sure how to solve my problem with this information. I am using
>> ndnSim 2.0. Could you help me?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Elisa
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