[ndnSIM] FIB Updating Issue

Hitesh Wadekar wadekahn at clarkson.edu
Fri Jul 31 09:13:12 PDT 2015

Hi Team,

Recently, I encounter an issue related FIB, please advice if it issue or
not. I am updating FIB with :*FibHelper::AddRoute()"* function, where we
got a scenario, I am adding FIB multiple entries for same face id with
different cost. however, I observed that it is being overwritten with the
previous one.

For instance, face id 256 can take me to /prefix1 with cost '5' for one
path and same face id 256 can take me to /prefix1 with cost '7' but
different path.

In above case, face cost '5' is overwritten by face cost '6 as id is same.

Let me know is there anyways to fix this or I missing anything.

Thank you,

Hitesh Wadekar
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