[ndnSIM] Query about Find() function

Biozid Bostami biozid at outlook.com
Thu Jul 16 17:23:34 PDT 2015

hello everyone,First, i thanks everyone who has been replying my previously asked question , i wouldn't have come this far without their help. In response to my previously asked question i encounter a new problem that is : I need to call the ""nfd::Cs::find()"" to check all the attached nodes if they have already cached the same data or not before inserting the data in the ""policy_container"". 
But, this method needs an "Interest"  as it's parameter. I tried to pass  the Data by calling "" item->payload ()->GetData() "" still it gives the error. So, can anyone help me out if this problem.  
yours faithfully,Biozid Bostami  		 	   		  
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